Forestry & General

About Us

Forestry & General originated as part of SAFCA (SA Forestry Contractors Association) in 1993. In 1998 we became an independent entity and has been since, operating from Nelspruit, Mpumalanga.

We are specialist forestry insurance brokers (to the exclusion of all else). Our specific focus since 1993 is on the forestry contracting industry where we have extensive experience and specialised knowledge of the risks of all types of forestry contracting enterprises. As such we are entrusted by a reputable and long established insurer to underwrite forestry contracting liability risks on their behalf in South Africa and Swaziland. Our liability policy wording is unique in the insurance market as we have developed the policy wording in consultation with SAFCA and numerous forestry contractors. Our policy is also unique in the South African insurance market (as far as we are aware of) where “spread of fire” liability cover are offered without the entire Prevention of Forest and Veld Fires Act (1998) being included as a warranty in the policy wording.

We also underwrite the risks of all types of assets forestry contractors may have, from a chainsaw to multi-million rand specialised forestry machines, all types vehicles utilised in forestry as well as the office and ancillary equipment necessary to support operations. We are blessed that we here also hold a binder with the one of the largest insurers in South Africa to underwrite forestry asset risks on their behalf.

Since 1993 Forestry & General has been managed by Kurt Balzun until presently. He has been involved in various aspects of insurance since 1982, first on the claims and legal side of it with a major insurer, a short stint with a corporate broker in Johannesburg and since 1993 as an independent insurance broker.

Our clients range from the very small forestry contractor with one vehicle and a few staff to multi-million rand operations with an extensive assets portfolio. Geographically our clients are spread all over South Africa and Swaziland wherever commercial forestry operations may be found.